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Unleash Your Brain's Power

Master Mind Mapping with the Champion

Transform Your Thinking, Creativity And Problem-solving With Expert Mind Mapping Techniques.

Community Coach

Empower the Next Generation: Become a Community Coach and introduce the transformative skill of Mind Mapping to children and adults in your community. This programme equips you with the tools and techniques to foster creativity, improve learning outcomes, and build a foundation for lifelong learning in young minds.

Mind Map Trainer

Enhance Your Training Portfolio: As a Mind Map Trainer, integrate Mind Mapping into your existing training company's offerings. This program is designed for professional trainers looking to incorporate effective mind mapping strategies into their curriculum, enhancing problem-solving, creativity, and memory skills in their clients.

Mind Map Coach

Launch as a Mind Map Coach: Start your Mind Mapping Training Company with our programme designed for emerging entrepreneurs. Receive essential training, resources, and support to grow a successful business that teaches mind mapping for improved thinking and learning in your "one of one" niche


FREE Mind Map Training

Unlock Your Genius: Dive into Our Free Mind Mapping Training Today!.


Discover the secrets to unlocking your creative potential with our Free Mind Mapping Training. Join the millions worldwide who have transformed their learning, thinking, and problem-solving abilities with this powerful technique.

  • Think Smarter, Solve Problems Faster with Easy Strategies.

  • Remember More, Learn Quickly Without Paying a Penny.

  • Get Ahead in Life Using Cool Thinking Tools

  • World Class Expert

    Discover "The Billion Dollar Brain": Elaine Colliar's Legacy of Genius Unleashed. Mentored by Tony Buzan, she's transforming how the world thinks and learns.


    The Mind Map Manual

    Unlock Your Genius: Master Mind Mapping Now!

    Dive into "The Mind Map Manual," your straightforward guide to mastering mind mapping. Perfect for self-study, this book simplifies the process, making it accessible to everyone eager to enhance their thinking, learning, and problem-solving abilities. Unlock your potential and transform your approach to organising thoughts and ideas. Start your journey to unlocking your inner genius today with clear, concise instructions tailored for quick mastery.

  • Straightforward Tactics for Enhanced Mental Clarity.

  • Boost Creativity, Memory with Proven Techniques..

  • Ideal for Self-Study: Begin Your Genius Journey.


    Our Global Network

    Empowering Minds Worldwide: Join Our Global Network

    Our Global Network is at the heart of a learning revolution, spreading the transformative power of Mind Mapping across continents and cultures.

    Parents Sharing Knowledge: Millions of parents worldwide are harnessing Mind Mapping, turning it into a family journey towards enhanced learning and creativity. They're sharing this powerful tool with their children, setting the foundation for a lifetime of innovative thinking and problem-solving.

    Trainers in Niche Businesses: Specialised trainers are integrating Mind Mapping into a variety of niche businesses, bringing a deep understanding of the brain's potential to industries far and wide. This tailored approach not only enhances professional skills but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

    Investment in Future Problem-Solvers: Politicians and education ministries are recognizing the value of investing in our students' cognitive abilities. By incorporating Mind Mapping into educational curriculums, they're nurturing a generation of thinkers who are equipped to creatively address the challenges of the future.

    Join us in building a world where every mind is empowered to think clearer, learn faster, and solve problems more creatively. Together, we're not just teaching a skill; we're shaping the future!


    The Student Survival Guide

    Master Your Studies: Excel in Extraordinary Times

    "The Student Survival Guide" is your ultimate companion for conquering the challenges of modern education. Packed with essential techniques including Mind Mapping, Memory Enhancement, Speed Reading, and Effective Study Skills, this book is designed to turbocharge your learning ability and academic performance. 

    Whether you're navigating the basics or tackling complex subjects, it provides the tools to learn faster, retain more, and achieve excellence. Transform your educational journey with strategies proven to propel students to the top of their class.

  • Boost Grades with Top Mind Mapping Strategies.

  • Speed Read, Remember More, Stress Less.

  • Ace Exams with Superior Study Techniques.


    The Mind Mapping Planner

    LiveYour Legacy: The Adventure Begins with Every Page"

    The Mind Mapping Planner" is inspired by the legendary organizational genius of Tony Buzan, blending meticulous scheduling with the freedom of exploration. This planner revolutionizes traditional diary-keeping, incorporating Mind Mapping as a core technique for planning and journaling, transforming each page into a canvas of your life's adventures.

    Tailored for those who aspire to a life well-lived, it encourages not just organization, but creativity, reflection, and personal growth. As you chart your daily experiences and dreams, you're not just planning your time; you're mapping out a legacy. Available to print at home, it's your first step towards a life where every day is an adventure, meticulously crafted and beautifully remembered.

  • Craft a Legacy with Daily Mind Map Journaling.

  • Turn Plans into Adventures with Creative Freedom..

  • Build Your Life's Story, One Page at a Time.


    A Million Minds Mapped

    Join Elaine Colliar, "The Billion Dollar Brain," in her ambitious mission to train a million minds in Mind Mapping FOR FREE, upholding Tony Buzan's astonishing legacy. Watch, learn, and join our transformative journey towards Global Mental Literacy.


    About Me

    I'm Elaine Colliar, a Five-Time World Mind Mapping Champion, passionate about unlocking human genius.

    Mentored by Tony Buzan, I've dedicated 35 years to teaching global mental literacy through mind mapping.

    My mission: to train one million minds for free, empowering individuals to navigate their thoughts with clarity and creativity.

    Join The Adventure

    Join the thrilling "Million Mind Map" quest to revolutionise thinking and learning globally! Dive into our mission to empower one million minds with Mind Mapping, sparking creativity and innovation. Be part of this transformative journey, shaping a smarter, more connected world. Start now—your adventure awaits!